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 Nama Andrews - Managing Director 

Nama, Co-founder of PriceNet, actively brings to PriceNet.com.au years of experience in the direct marketing industry. She has played a pivotal role in building a multi million dollar network of independent businesses. More recently she has focused her attention in the area of financial planning, her specially structured plans resulted in achieving over 250 million dollars in personal sales. But of far greater importance is the fact that her many clients can look forward to a safe and rewarding retirement.

With years of experience Nama has developed and accumulated a network of contacts worldwide and more importantly a close relationship with the people that today form the nucleus of PriceNet.com.au.

Nama believes her success is in part due to her belief in the product and service she offers. She is also fond of saying, "My success is measured by the success of my clients and customers".

 Natasha Andrews - Executive Committee Member

Natasha began her studies in Australia, focusing on the arts, which then led her to Paris where she would undertake studies in French language and civilization, focusing on art history and literature. She would then return home to Australia where she would begin the business planning for the expansion of PriceNet throughout Europe.

Now based in Paris, her fist endeavor is to plant the roots of PriceNet throughout the Parisian districts, using Paris as the launching pad for this growth.

Europe will playa part in PriceNet ís future growth , and it is Natashaís effervescent energy and understanding of European culture which are the key elements in the success of this development.

 Carl Brown - Executive Committee Member
(International Product Source)

Mr. Brown is currently the Chairman and CEO of Interport International Inc. Japan. He is an experienced Sales Executive having started his Sales career in the Mid-Atlantic state of the United States as a Sales Representative for a major cookware manufacturer Based in Dallas, Texas.

After rapid promotion through the field management structure Mr. Brown was offered the Presidency of a newly created Division and given the responsibility of developing the Pacific Basin for both wholesale and retail accounts.

He traveled extensively throughout Asia studying Market trends, gaining an understanding of the culture and establishing business relations for the future. Based on this foundation, Mr. Brown started his Global Search for high quality customer products not currently available in Asia. He developed an íAsian Marketing Profileí and turned his attention to discovering products and services that met the íProvení profile he had established.

Mr. Brown has been a pioneer in Asia with respect to introducing new concepts and high quality and products to the Asian Market and brings a wealth of knowledge to PriceNet. Itís through this knowledge that PriceNet is able to offer itís members exclusive high quality products direct from the source saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their purchases.

Lee Zobel - Executive Committee Member
(Director of Marketing and Customer Services)

Lee is currently CEO of General Marketing Associates, a California based marketing consulting firm. GMA specializes in assisting businesses meet the challenges of the future by recognizing and changing the paradigms of existing management. He has also been instrumental in the creation of a number of very successful start-up operations, including consulting for:

  • US Safety & Engineering; (Vulcan Alarm Systems)
  • Health-Mor; (Manufacturer of Filter Queen)
  • Citywide Wholesaler; (Manufacturer of the Miracle Mate)

Establishing license agreements and assembly facilities for the Pacific Rim, he has also been the president of a major manufacturing facility in the United States.

Mr. Zobel has dedicated his professional life to providing exceptional "turn key" opportunities to others and then assisting them in achieving their goals. His greatest reward is sharing in the success of others.

We are pleased to have Lee as a member of our management team. He is a hands on marketing executive and will be taking an active part in pricenetís start-up program.

Miho Goto - Executive Committee Member
(Australasian Product Source)

Miho was born in Shanghai, China. Due to her exceptional intellectual skills she was permitted to migrate to Japan to further her education. Ms Goto passed the most difficult Japanese entrance exams on the first testing. She was accepted to a major University and graduated from this Institution with a Degree in Business Management.

Miho is fluent in English , Japanese and Chinese and has been a consultant and negotiator to several major Japanese Corporations in their initial stages of getting set up and conducting business in China. In 1994, she became a director of Interport International a Japanese corporation who conductsbusiness with some of the largest manufacturers in Japan. Her duties are overseeing the day to day operations of this multi million dollar corporation and assisting in sourcing products from around the world to place in Interportís network of distributors throughout Japan and now in Australia through PriceNet.com.au.

Akio Goto - Executive Committee Member
(New Product Development for Australian Standards)

Mr Goto is a strong contributor to the success of PriceNet as a result of his past business success. He was born in Japan and graduated from one of Japanís top Universities with a degree in Engineering and Design. He had a key role in designing numerous department stores owned by the Japanese both in Europe and Asia. Not only did Mr Goto have a successful career in Architecture design, he was a top executive with one of the largest department stores in Japan. He resigned from this position in the early 1990ís to seek his own entrepreneurial goals.  His role in searching the Asian market for new and unusual products is a major link in the future success of Pricenet here in Australia,Shanghai and throughout the Pacific rim. This can only be enforced with the strong contacts he has with major Japanese Corporations, which is a must if you are to succeed in Asia.

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