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PriceNet.com.au - proudly the business platform for      

        referral e-marketing:

  • the method of Internet marketing that relies on gaining new customers by recommendations

PriceNet.com.au offers online marketing services helping you conduct business over the Internet. We believe in the strong power of referrals, and as such, our specialization is referral marketing, currently connecting over 8000 members over the Internet.

Companies faced with higher advertising costs, lower response rates and unaccountable ad performance are quickly investing in an old concept. Alternatively, for those who are concerned about the future, the PriceNet program creates a network of online business partners who refer business to your site through their own site, creating a new marketing concept. As a result, the PriceNet portal provides an opportunity that meets the independent businessman’s needs of today, allowing you to take control of the future and increase your profit margins while creating explosive growth, all adding up to success. 

Referral marketing provides results instead of promises, and PriceNet gives you all the tools you need to build and maintain the most successful referral program on the Internet.

The company philosophy is simple - good service + honest values =  professional solutions for professional people. 

iDirect Group & Referral Marketing 
is the business platform of iDirect Group, who specialise in residential investment properties and finance. iDirect Group utilizes the referral marketing system which allows them to direct all of their attention to their clients and customers, instead of aportioning their time with the formation of standardised marketing measures. As a result, iDirect Group are able to deliver an exceptonal service and product - a total solutions package.

They grasp the concept that the best way to generate business is through referral marketing, and as such, have harnessed the true value of referrals by making them the cornerstone of their marketing efforts.

Free Listing membership
Receive a free alphabetical listing membershipon the PriceNet Directory

  • Receive administration access to edit your listing details
  • Receive a free link to your website
  • Access to thousands of discounted products online
  • Opportunity to upgrade to a registered member online and participate in the PriceNet referral e-marketing program, with access to business advertising on the PriceNet home page and much more!


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10 Eagle St
Brisbane Qld 4000

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MLC Centre
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Springwood Qld 
Australia 4127

Electronic mail
Enquiries: mailto:enquiries@pricenet.com.au

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