What is Internet direct?

Internet Direct is a Referral Marketing Program, developed to utilize 
the growing PriceNet business directory.

The Internet is a huge source of data and by using specialist service providers, like
PriceNet, the Internet Direct Referral Program will help you gain the full advantage that the Internet has to offer. We offer a wealth of experience in Sales & Marketing and in making the Internet work for you.

There will be 1000ís of small & medium business using the Internet Direct Referral Program as the starting point to find customers, suppliers and products. The key to successful Internet marketing is location, whether you have an existing site on the Internet or are considering using the Internet to grow your business. The Internet Direct Referral Prorgram can help you.

You receive not only sales leads and inquiries, but also regular statistics and feedback on businessís and consumers that the Internet Direct Referral Program is generating for you.

                         Internet Direct has 4 easy steps to getting started




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