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When you purchase the PriceNet Virtual Web Site Program and become a registered vendor you will receive the following;

**Please visit our link to the Compensation Plans to view the details of the Compensation Plan associated with this Virtual Web Site

·   Virtual Website address (www.pricenetaus.com/yourbusiness)

The PriceNet approach provides you with a state of the art virtual Website with a complete E-Commerce solution, featuring the Pricenet online business directory and an online Superstore with your own personalised Mall. The mall offers daily specials and a full array of fine products and services to shoppers worldwide.  The PriceNet Superstore features great products through special relationships with manufacturers, distributors and importers.  There are many products exclusive to PriceNet, proprietary products not found at other shopping sites.  PriceNet employs a full-time staff of experienced buyers whose sole function is to stock the store with sought after products.  PriceNet also handles its own inventory, shipping, handling, and billing systems. From toothpaste to stereo systems, the PriceNet Superstore will feature deals, steals, specials and discontinues on thousands of quality products.  For those who want to shop at other stores PriceNet has links to those stores and pays commissions on all sales.

· Quote Generator  You receive an exclusive area determined by postcodes where you would like to market your business. 

· E-Commerce        You receive your own e-commerce site ready for you to sell your own products to any of the millions of Internet users. You have access to an administration section, which make it easy to upload products to the PriceNet superstore and with a shopping cart you are now truly in business selling whatever type of products you wish.  This store is a perfect addition to the Online business directory which is linked to your virtual website. 

 · Vouchers     You receive access to the online discount vouchers, which can be used by you to promote your business. PriceNet pays $1 to mall owners, for every voucher printed out by a prospective customer referred by them. This is your added assurance that PriceNet is driving customers to you.

· Referral Cards   You receive your own PriceNet referral cards with your unique access number. These cards can be customised to include your business name, personal name, virtual web address and other necessary information you require.

· Online Mall      Your own personalised mall that you may wish to utilise or allow another family members or friends to use and get involved at whatever level you want. You can start by simply referring people to our online directory. You may also want to participate in our ongoing Compensation Program and refer others to receive great part-time income or a unique business opportunity by qualifying to become an Independent Account Manager.








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